What has been so refreshing about LifeSpring is the element of surprise. I’ve been surprised and delighted to find out that Jesus and those that love Him are nothing like what I imagined.

Ericka Chilcoat

One of the things I appreciate most about my brothers and sisters at LifeSpring is their transparency. Nobody comes in with a mask, there is no need for masquerade. We all appreciate each other for who we are and welcome others with the same kind of candor.

Rich Barnes

When I reflect on the last 10 years of my life, being a part of Lifespring has forever changed my view of what a church family should be. I love the way we support each other through all of life’s hardships with God’s grace in mind. One of my favorite things that makes us stand out is table talk delivered by a congregation member before taking communion. It opens up people’s hearts to receive Jesus’s love and forgiveness.

Amanda Bates

“I am thankful for our Lifespring group. Since attending regularly, I have noticed a renewed spirituality and love for God’s Word and teachings. Uncertainty of the importance of a church family early on has been changed to a dependence on sharing with my fellow Lifespringers. Seeing how the Lord can and does change our lives in a positive way has been a continued inspiration.”

Matt Mahaffey