On August 12 a group of LifeSpringers convened for the Third Quarter Round Table. Minutes and agenda for the meeting are attached below, and we hope that you will take the opportunity to read through this important status report.

Among the many things discussed was how to encourage greater participation in this important quarterly meeting which gives updates about LifeSpring life and progress.

We also spent a great deal of time discussing financials. At the half-way mark of 2019 we had only 39% of our annual budget for contributions subscribed. If this rate continues, we will have to trim our budget by 25% – not a good thing. A decision was made to provide useful factoids to LifeSpringers as well as to call more attention to the contribution baskets.

Did you know that every week we pay $125 for our rent at Playhouse Merced?

Our next Round Table is scheduled for November 2019, and it will be hosted by Jennifer Ruffalo.

Agenda for the 12 August 2019 Round Table.

Minutes for the 12 August 2019 Round Table.

Financials for the 12 August 2019 Round Table.