New to our website? Or confused veteran user? This page is meant to be a short, easy set of instructions for getting the most out of our redesigned web home.

First, the big purpose of the website is to provide spiritual content for anyone on the road of discipleship. You will find articles meant to cause you to say, “I’ve never thought about that before” or “I’d really like to work on that.” Christians were never meant to be stagnant, so we hope this website will cause ferment and change to happen within you.

The Rotator at the top of the website will feature 4-5 articles on a theme that could include articles about a sermon series or significance of an observance on the Christian calendar or perhaps a series of articles on a single subject. The rotator advances automatically, and you can also page through its contacts using the forward and backward arrows to the right and left sides. Content in the rotator will change only occasionally.

The menu bar containing the LifeSpring logo is designed for those who want to know more about LifeSpring, specifically. First time visitor, someone wanting to know what we believe, or those wanting to know more about a typical Sunday morning worship service. It also contains resources such as the recipe for Mexican Hat, a LifeSpring favorite.

The main portion of the website is a blog that contains a wide variety of articles on contemporary issues, articles pertaining to being a disciple of Jesus, or articles about the Christian year such as Advent, Christmas, or Lent. There are two ways to filter these articles: by Category or by Tag. Clicking on the “Filter by Topic” bar will show you whatever categories are showing up in the blog at the time. For example, “Liturgy” was part of the blog during the Lent season and contained articles for the 40 days of lent. In the clip above, the topics available are “Blog” and “Theology.”

The search bar on the right, will find all articles on a specific topic such as baptism or Calvinism or nihilism or grace. If you’re curious about some topic, type it in the search bar. It might be there. As the website matures, there will be more topics to be found.

There is also a Category Index in the right sidebar of the homepage. Type the name of any one of those categories in the search bar, and the search will return all articles assigned that category. It’s another simple way of finding articles in a general category.

We hope you will share this website with your friends. We also hope you will be check by again and again. There should be a new article every week to keep the website fresh and worth coming back to visit.

May the Lord’s blessings be with you.