LifeSpring began with Bruce Logue and a solid core of willing member-volunteers.  These included a webmaster, a children’s director, a worship leader and team, a fellowship director, and other volunteers willing to do whatever they were asked to do.   It was and is a fairly informal structure which has worked pretty well for LifeSpring.

We currently have a similar structure.  Amanda Bates does a great job of making sure our “LifeSpring 5-minute break” is well stocked with goodies and scheduling our monthly Second Sunday Socials.  Jenell Barnes creates and prints our weekly worship handout.  She also provides creative and artistic energy for some of our other projects.  Rich Barnes, Casey Barnes, and Nancy Shade sing on our worship team and contribute to our congregational worship.  Alex Kang lives in Fresno, CA and is our webmaster and creator of our new web presence.

Find out more about our worship leader, chiildren’s director, and pastor on the drop down menu, accessed at this same menu tab.

LifeSpring is always looking for ways to involve other LifeSpringers in meaningful ways in our group life.