LifeSpring began with Bruce and Bev Logue moving in 2005 to Merced from Lodi.  They used their first year to get to know the community and build interest in their desire to start a new church.  By Summer of 2006 they had a core group of people who wanted to help with the project.  In July 2022, LifeSpring will be 16-years-old.

LifeSpring continues to have a strong central core of people who conscientiously represent our core values or DNA:  hospitality, inclusiveness, and commitment to Jesus’ teachings.  We love to include new people into our family, and we work very hard to retain our freshness and relevance to our world in this new century.

We’re small so we don’t have a large, well-organized “leadership” structure.  We’re more interested in helping people deepen their relationship with Jesus.  Joel Scott Shade is our worship leader, and Bruce Logue is the founding pastor.  Other LifeSpringers faithfully guide the various other aspects of our life together.

We hope you’ll come to visit us sometime.  Let us pour you a cup of coffee.