This section of Members Only is devoted to Table Talks and the Lord’s Supper.  You will find, here, information that is useful for all matters related to the Lord’s Supper.  You will also find podcasts of particularly powerful and transparent table talks which we do not want to make publically available.  By taking a look at these documents, you can be well prepared to deliver a Christ-centered Table Talk.  We ask every person delivering a Table Talk to refrain from the temptation to make it me-centered.  If, at the end of your talk, LifeSpringers have thought primarily or exclusively about you,  the Table Talk is misdirected.  Help us think about Jesus through your experiences.

Amanda Bates’ 180211 Table Talk

Table Talk Guidelines

Thoughts About Table Talk

Biblical Themes Surrounding the Lord’s Supper

Biblical Texts About the Lord’s Supper

Easy to Use Table Containing Themes and Corresponding Texts