A Short Review of Baptism

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This study guide is for the purpose of giving a short overview of what the New Testament says about baptism.  Read each passage and answer the questions.  You will have a deeper and broader understanding of what Jesus asked his disciples to do.


  1. Matthew 28:16-20. What did Jesus tell his disciples to do in regard to baptism?  What purpose do you think baptism served?
  1. Acts 2:37-38. When the crowd heard Peter’s sermon, what did they ask?  What did Peter tell them to do?  What did he say would happen to them as a result?
  1. Acts 8:26-40. This passage is the story about the first Gentile being baptized.  What passage was the Ethiopian reading when he talked to Philip?  Who is that passage about?  When they saw a pool of water by the road, what did the Eunuch ask?  The Bible doesn’t answer this, but why do you think he asked that question?
  1. Galatians 3:27-29. What does Baptism symbolize?  In other words, what is baptism like with regard to clothing?
  1. Romans 6:1-11. This is one of the most descriptive passages about baptism.  What does Paul say baptism imitates?  What happens to humans when they are baptized in this way?  What changes should occur in our lives when we are baptized?
  1. How do you expect your life to be different after you are baptized?

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