Can I ask you a favor?

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For several years now I have written a weekly devotional that ran every issue of Currents. The goal of my article was to prompt you to think about the upcoming sermon. The devotional contained a set of passages with questions on the theme of the sermon, a prayer for the week, a piece of poetry (in hymn form), and an inspiring article from

In all those years “crickets” was the general response.

I’m doing a new thing beginning next week. The devotional will be turning into a brief story or reflection and a couple of questions. The goal is the same, i.e. to prompt you to think about the sermon that will come the next Sunday.

It will be worth your time. I guarantee it. Plus you will already begin thinking about the sermon. So here’s my favor. Will you take 5-10 minutes to read the article? It’s a very small favor, and I think you’ll like doing it. Being ready to dive into God’s word.

Pretty please!


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