This week of Advent begins November 29 going through December 5.  The text we have selected to lead the theme of the week is 1 Corinthians 1:3-9 which says, in part, “…you are not lacking in any spiritual gift as you WAIT for the revealing of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Paul is referring, of course, to the Second Coming of Jesus and the way the Corinthians had been prepared for this period of waiting  through the enrichment of speech and knowledge.   I assume Paul meant through the work of the Holy Spirit.

So the theme of this week is WAITING.  All texts and mediatation will be directed toward the twin periods of waiting we currently experience as we think of the waiting of Mary for the birth of her son Jesus and the waiting we currently experience as a anticipate the coming of our Lord Jesus. 

You can find the daily installments by clicking on the links below:

Sunday, November 29 Meditation.

Monday, November 30 Meditation.

Tuesday, December 1 Meditation.

Wednesday, December 2 Meditation.

Thursday, December 3 Meditation.

Friday, December 4 Meditation.

Saturday, December 5 Meditation.