God Changed His Mind

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The sermon for September 24 takes its text from the little book of Jonah. Though it is included in the final thirteen books of prophecy in the Old Testament, Jonah does not read like prophecy. There is no city or country being admonished, warned, praised, or otherwise being given some form of advice.

This begs the question, “Is Jonah really prophecy or does it have some other function to serve?”

This sermon takes the position that Jonah is more like biography, philosophy, or existential question. The writer of this book is asking a question related to the identity of God or how God’s character is so far disconnected from the inclination of humans.

I hope you will take time to read this short, short, short story – four chapters or 48 verses. Give special thought to Jonah 4:9-11.

Do you think God is vengeful or forgiving? What do you think Jonah wanted God to be?

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