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Italian for, “you paid too much for that coffee.”

Did I make you chuckle? There’s a restaurant in Austin, Texas that is famous for it’s message board, always containing some sort of humorous aphorism, pun, or joke. El Arroyo Cafe has even published a six volumes of books full of their message board funnies. Google the name and see how many people have noticed them because of their little message board.

I think that El Arroyo is a good model for what to do if you want to gain someone’s attention. Here’s my list:

  • Do something well, repeatedly and patiently. Nothing happens overnight.
  • Find ways to be disarming and approachable. People are drawn to that.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  • Practice your craft and become better and better at it.
  • Remember that haphazardness will make your attempts mediocre and uninteresting.

So why this reverie? It applies so well to what we are doing at LifeSpring. We are always looking for better ways to be interesting, promote curiosity, and start conversations centered, directly and indirectly, around Jesus.

The more we practice our craft of living and talking about the Christian life, the more credible and compelling we will become. I imagine that El Arroyo has some regulars now that started out there because of a silly sign.


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