Lent – Monday, March 2

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Give Up Slothfulness and Live Purposely

You hear it a lot today.

“How are you?”

“I’m so tired.”

It’s probably a sign that the tired person will not be giving much of him/herself to others or other works beyond just running in place. Television, crazy schedules, too little sleep, and long work hours drain away whatever energy one might have to give to others or to God.

In an article about Lent, Phyllis Tickle writes, It is Lent again and for one more snow, I can luxuriate in the isolation of cold, attend … to who I am, what I value, and why I am here. In other words, she is writing about slowing down to give time to important matters.

Living productively requires time. Time that television and such leaches away. It’s no wonder that the universal reply to “how are you” is “I’m so tired.” How about you?

Question:  If you reorganized your life to make it more in tune with what God is doing in the world, what would your life look like?

Activity:  Make a list of the things you know you should be doing but don’t plan to do them.  Form a strategy for making a few of them part of your regular activities.

Prayer:  Dear God.  I confess that it is hard to keep the “busys” at bay.  Before I know it, a day is gone and I have no time left for spending with you.  Please help me to turn loose of time and energy wasters.  May I replace them with things of true importance.  In Jesus’ name I pray this. Amen.

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