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In 2017 LifeSpring decided that she wanted to be a supporting partner in Monika Grasley’s important ABCD Ministry in The Meadows apartments in Merced and the Winton Community Center in Winton. Our support has been very limited to this point and consisted of contributing intelligent toys for LifeLine’s Christmas Toy Store.

But things are changing in 2019. Monika is currently creating a list of things that LifeSpring can do that would be helpful to her and also meaningful and of value to LifeSpring. More about that in later Currents.

LifeLine CDC is an ABCD program. ABCD stands for “Asset Based Community Development. In other words, ABCD projects seek to help residents in poverty to find ways to organize and contribute their own gifts, skills, and resources for the betterment of their respective communities.

ABCD programs help create and empower communities of people who do not depend on external sources but develop confidence and expertise in helping themselves o. It’s an effective community development method.

LifeLine’s Mission and Vision Statements:

VISION: Communities cultivating and celebrating their assets.

MISSION: Empowering impoverished neighbors to thrive.

We believe the skills of local residents, the power of local resources, and the supportive functions of local institutions are the primary building blocks of sustainable community development. Our vision is to see communities discover, cultivate, and celebrate their assets.

For More Information:

To get more information about LifeLine, go to the very informative website. Here you will be able to find an activities calendar, descriptions of the two site programs (Meadows and Winton), lots of pictures, and an interesting blog.

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