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Devotional Guide

Daily Bible Readings:

Monday, November 7. Read Psalm 91:14-16. 1) What kind of relationship does God want to have with God’s people? 2) What will be the result of that kind of relationship?

Tuesday, November 8. Read Isaiah 11:6-9. 1) Isaiah describes a great and victorious day in the life of God’s people. What amazing things will happen? 2) What is God saying about the kind of reality in his kingdom?

Wednesday, November 9. Read Amos 9:13-14. 1) Amos describes a future day for Israel. What was God saying would happen on that day? 2) What do you think changed that caused this future?

Thursday, November 10. Read Ecclesiastes 8:9-13. 1) What paradox does the writer see in what happens to evil people? 2) What does he thing that makes one “better off?”

Friday, November 11. Read Jeremiah 32:36-41. 1) What did the people pessimistically think? 2) What did God tell them, by contrast? 3) How do you think this compares to the new heavens and new earth promise that God makes to us?

Saturday, November 12. Read Isaiah 65:17-25. This is Sunday’s sermon text.

Prayer for the Week:

O God, help us to take you seriously. To quit ignoring you and start seeking you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Hymn of the Week:

Lo! What a glorious sight appeared
by Isaac Watts, 1712

Lo! what a glorious sight appeared
before admiring eyes:
the former things all passed away,
the former earth and skies.
From heav’n the new Jerus’lem came,
for Christ, as bride prepared.
A voice resounding from the throne
these wondrous things declared:

“Now God has come to dwell with men,
and moved his blest abode.
His people they shall be at last,
and he shall be their God.
His gracious hand shall wipe the tears
from ev’ry weeping eye,
for pain and grief shall be no more,
and death itself shall die.”

The One who sat upon the throne
said, “I make all things new!
Write down the words that you have heard,
for they are firm and true.
It is all done, and by my pow’r
is paradise restored.
I am the First, and I the Last,
the one eternal Lord.

Devotional Article of the Week:

New Heavens and a New Earth
“See, I will create new heavens and a new earth.”
by Joel Vande Werken

The story of our journey with God begins with creation. God made the world, “and it was very good” (Genesis 1:31).

Sin colors our experience of this present world; it surrounds us with harm and destruction. Even those of us who know the gift of salvation in Christ still experience sorrow, mourn lives seemingly cut short, and invest in projects we may never enjoy in this life.

So God calls attention to his work of renewing the creation: “See!” Isaiah’s words deliberately echo the creation story of Genesis, but they also move us beyond that story. The ongoing work brings “the kingdom of God” that Jesus preached (Mark 1:15) into ever-greater reality around us.

Our journey with God begins with creation, but it always takes us through the mission of Jesus. And in him, the Spirit helps us see the renewal that God has already begun—not just renewed gifts of health or prosperity, but a peace so complete that all creation is included.

This is symbolized by pictures like that of the wolf and the lamb feeding together. As you look for signs of renewal, ask, “How is the creation being cared for? How are the poor and helpless spared from harm? How are the devil’s schemes stopped or held at bay?”

Take time this year in your journey with God to look around, marvel at this new creation, and rejoice in the full work of Christ’s salvation.

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