Poem for a New Year

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A Prayer for LifeSpringers
New Years, 2020

All. Courageous and hopeful
Never showing defeat when
Numbers are down on Sunday
Or financial challenges come.

Guests warmly welcomed
Not en masse. One-by-one,
Gentle, unthreatening
Sincere words elicit the shyest.

Curiosity is worn like a sweater.
Never afraid of new ideas
Or the unexplored concept.
“I’ve never heard that before.”

Praying is a daily habit of most.
Messenger keeps people on their knees
With the struggles of friends and strangers
And petitions to God are given.

Their love is not loud and public
But usual to hear of shared meals
Or putting together a food box for a fellow
Even retreating together to the woods to worship.

Prayer for them is growth.
O Lord, keep their hearts supple
Divine hunger always searching
No earthly pursuit isolating them from You.

So that LifeSpring will be a beacon
Hope-filled, thirst-quenching
A magnet drawing those who long
For genuine relationships and Christ’s love.


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