The Benefits of Owning a Goat

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Geeta’s days used to begin at 4 A.M doing household chores like grinding seeds and grains and cleaning animal sheds. Then she would work for 12 backbreaking hours in construction carrying bricks and cement on her head and earning her only seven cents a day. For extra money, she’d travel for two days by train with her babies who still relied on her for milk. They’d sleep in the fields after harvesting other people’s crops.

A goat can be the answer for delivering a family, like Geeta’s” from crushing poverty. How? A single goat can provide a family with several quarts of protein-packed milk a day – more than a family can drink on their own. Thus leaving leftover milk that can be turned into yogurt and cheese or sold for income. With that money, Geeta and her husband can purchase food like meat and fresh eggs and even pay for school fees and medical care. And the goats provide great fertilizer, putting more healthy fruit and vegetables on their table.

Heifer International trained Geeta to be an animal well-being service provider to administer medicine to goats in her village. This brings more income for her family as well as respect in the community. Geeta’s one goat became multiple goats that produce three baby goats a year. A Heifer International program called Passing on the Gift stipulates that the first female offspring will be given to another family in need.

Geeta said, “I started with one goat. Now I have 10….So when I pass on a goat to someone else, I am happy that their children are also getting milk….It’s like spreading happiness.

Geeta’s family now has a sturdy home, respect of their community, and a thriving goat business. This is the effect of compassion. Heifer International is one of many excellent non profits that teach generosity and compassion on a grand scale.

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