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Welcome to our corner of the internet where we prepare for weekly worship at LifeSpring. By providing the scripture, music, and sermon overview, we hope you can come to worship on Sunday open and ready to be immersed in the Spirit. Feedback about our worship experience is always welcome – chat with me after church on Sundays or drop me a message anytime (joel@lifespringchurch.net). I look forward to growing with you!

In Ezekiel 18:1-4, God tells Ezekiel that the people should not be living by old platitudes; the sins of the father are not the sins of the son. This is a blessing in that we are not cursed by previous generations’ mistakes. But this also means we are accountable for our actions; we will be judged for our own sins.

Our music this week reminds us of our desire to lead a Christian life. We’ll sing of our devotion and obedience (I Will Follow You, My Heart is Yours), sing praise and give thanks for our redemption (Hosanna (Praise is Rising), Thank You Jesus), and dedicate our lives fully to God (Lay Me Down).

I hope you will take a few moments to read the scripture and listen to this week’s music with the links above. Click here for a closer look at our sermon.

See you at church!


  1. Thank you for this Joel! I didn’t make the connection between the music and the scripture/sermon. Very cool.

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