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Welcome to our corner of the internet where we prepare for weekly worship at LifeSpring. By providing the scripture, music, and sermon overview, we hope you can come to worship on Sunday open and ready to be immersed in the Spirit. Feedback about our worship experience is always welcome – chat with me after church on Sundays or drop me a message anytime (joel@lifespringchurch.net). I look forward to growing with you!

In Matthew 25, we hear the parable of the talents. While it is often used as a metaphor for church giving or human talents or abilities, this week we’ll be reminded of our investing in God’s Kingdom. (Click here for a preview of Bruce’s sermon.)

We’ll use the parable and the idea of the Master’s return to rouse us from complacency (Wake, Come Alive (Dry Bones)), commit to our work in the church (Send Me, Alive & Breathing), and fully invest in God’s Kingdom here on earth (We Are the Kingdom).

I hope you will take a few moments to read the scripture and listen to this week’s music with the links above.

See you at church!


  1. Thank you for this Joel! I didn’t make the connection between the music and the scripture/sermon. Very cool.

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