An Advent Sestina

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Advent – a Sestina
by Bruce Logue

The western sky is streaked with purple light
Winter solstice hastens deep’ning darkness
Covid and frost wrap the world in silence
Political wars grow tired, peace awaits
Media noise consumes the mind, distracts
Desperation longs for meditation

Quarantine should ease our meditation
The bright Christmas tree an inspiring light
But boredom and television distract
Disciplines of the mind are lulled by darkness
Creativity is ignored, awaits
Only without interruptions, silence

The best time morning, house full of silence
But bed swaddles, prevents meditation
A clock ticks on the wall, hot shower awaits
Flip a switch, eyes assaulted by the light
Prefer to stagger in total darkness
Thoughts of the day’s full schedule now distract.

Father-to-be and census, distracted
Four days by foot, no media, silence
Through the mountains, evening brought darkness
Metronome steps induced meditation
Blackness of night driven away by light
In Bethlehem the babe’s manger awaits

The world doesn’t know it yet, but it awaits
Despite full Inns, Herod, and birth distractions
Sun is rising, horizon full of light
Animals watch the glory in silence
Shepherds mute, angels sing, meditating
Politics can’t deliver from darkness

Christ came to drive away blinding darkness
God sits beside us and lovingly waits
He gave us his word for meditation
The great danger to us is distraction
His Spirit best speaks to us from silence
People who dwelled in darkness have seen light

Slay distractions, choose silence, go to light
Darkness flees, awaiting meditation

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