Lenten Meditations

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On Wednesday, March 2, the season of Lent begins. That means 46 calendar days until Easter, but 40 days of Lenten meditations, so designated because Jesus’ fast in the wilderness was 40 days. LifeSpring will have 40 days of concentration on what it means to walk with Jesus, not only through the wilderness, but also to Jerusalem and the cross.

The meditations will concentrate on various aspects of the observation of Lent. Most certainly not on “giving up chocolate” for Lent but absolutely on the serious, intentional devoted following of Jesus. Join us in this season. LifeSpringers will receive a text which will remind them to look for the day’s meditation and provide the URL for the day.

Visitors to our site may type the word “Lent” in the search bar to find these daily meditations. Join us.

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