The Social Dilemma

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In the past month I’ve had 2-3 friends recommend the Netflix Docu-drama, The Social Dilemma, to me, and I decided I should pay attention to them.

The movie is about the influence that Silicon Valley and Social Media have on us. It is relevant in that it exerts incredible control over us in what we dwell on, how we behave toward others, and how we steward our lives.

This brings to mind two passage, in particular, that specifically talk about the mindset of the disciples of Jesus. First, Matthew 6:24-33, in which Jesus talks about our relationship to money and says

  • You cannot serve God and money. It’s one or the other. Period. Matthew 6:24.
  • Worrying is oxymoronic for a disciple of Jesus. Lillies and birds don’t concern themselves about such, yet God still takes good care of them. Worry extracts attention and energy from us.
  • The Kingdom of God should be our foremost concentration.

Compare these ideas to what the Internet and Social Media tell you – diametrically opposed to the mindset of the child of God. Thing like the uncertainty of the future, the fearfulness of “the other side,” and how to personally protect yourself (no one else will) from the threats all around.

The Internet promotes consumerism through its endless TARGETED ads. Buy this. Drive that. Think like us. There’s no room for Christ in all that messaging. Focus is taken off him and placed on Silicon Valley.

The other text is Philippians 4:8-9 in which Paul teaches the Philippian church about what should govern their thinking: things that are true, honorable, just, etc. Compare that to Social Media which traffics in lies and holds susceptible people prisoner to its twists and turns.

Even Christian people are guilty of passing on its lies without any concern about the consequence/s of doing so.

So, watch The Social Dilemma and ask yourself how free you feel. Maybe it’s time for some changes.

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